Hats for Nyah Are Satisfied!

Warm greetings to ALL. Drew and I are so very blessed to have many of you generously donating all manner of things to our family during this challenging time. The response and outpouring from the call, so lovingly put out by my cousin Jessika, for hats was enormous. We have received so many fun kinds of head covers and are pleased to say that no more are needed. If you have already been working on something for her, please continue and send it along. :)

If you feel that you’d still like to share something with this darling little girl, get creative and feel free to share whatever you come up with!

Finally the permanent address!!

PLEASE ADDRESS ALL PACKAGE’S & LETTERS, no matter how they are shipped to:

Drew, Sydney, or Nyah Johnson

6300 Sagewood Dr. Ste H #336

Park City, Ut


Thank you all….


7 responses

  1. I too have never met nyah but would love to knit her a hat. I would also like to know what her favorite colors are and what age she is (to help gave my knitting measurements) and any other special things that I may be able to add into her knitting :) I pray for her health and recovery. Our family prays for her and her family!

  2. We are praying for little Nyah and your entire family. The entire Powlochwehill family will be supporting and praying for her.

    Ivan and Mary (Maidi Fye) Gard

  3. Hope Nyah continues to improve hourly…We are eager to hear about her progress. I remember sending her an Easter-themed cake pan about 4 years ago and hope she can help decorate it this year! We continue to say prayers for you all.

    Judy and Chris Olson

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