The Beginning…

Hello out there….  The following is my first real post about our journey into Nyah’s leukemia. Whew… did this all just happen?!

We were on our way to her cousin Gage’s 12th Birthday party….     I had known something was going on with her for some time, and like the frog being slowly boiled, who is unaware he’s being boiled, I addressed every little thing that came up, but not yet the under lying thing that was evident in so many ways. I truly try to not judge myself to harshly for not visiting a doctor sooner, it’s just not my way to run to ‘medical’ professionals for every little thing. I thought I could feel it out and have a better handle on it before taking what I consider to be a ‘rash’ action. With reluctance, I scheduled a visit to an integrative medicine doctor, but it was not until the following Wed. My concern escalated during that day and we decided it best to stop at an Insta-Care Clinic to get some sort of ball rolling for a diagnosis. For us, that was a scary step. My husband Drew turned to me after we parked and asked, “Are we really doing this?!” We had both shared concerns that taking her to a ‘regular’ western medicine professional meant that they would likely try to direct us down a path we wouldn’t choose….

A little history on me here, I rarely went to a doctor as a child and never as an adult. If you went to the hospital in my house, you were dead or nearly dead. Perhaps if you had a protruding bone. Otherwise, it was Mama’s treatments. I am allergic to most antibiotics so they weren’t an option even if I was severely ill. There are so many ways to heal a body from any ailment…. except blood born cancer it would seem. We always found another way.

When I found out I was pregnant with our little Nyah, I declared that I was having the baby at home. To which Drew responded, “No you’re not!” We did compromise fairly quickly with a Birthing Center option, but only after I ‘proved my case’ that birth in a hospital is NOT natural even if you try to make it. Nor is it any safer. And actually that being in a hospital, for any reason, was my worst nightmare. ‘Intervention’, of the western sort, is about as frightening as anything I could imagine. I would have shaking revulsion fits at the possibility of C-Section. There is NO GREATER sacrifice a mother can make for her child than that in my opinion. I am blessed to have never experienced it.

So long story short, I have looked at every alternative, to anything, first. The choice to go to the Intsa-Care was costly to our ‘peace of mind’. Most assuredly when they instantly wanted her on oxygen and  to give her a nebulizer with steroids to open her airways and that they wanted her to have Tylenol with cough syrup for the cold and fever she had in addition to whatever was ‘wrong’. This child had never before had ANYTHING that was not homeopathic, except for and incident 2 weeks earlier when she ate some children’s Tylenol chewables because she thought they were candy. Child proof lid my ass!! Anyway, we were terrified they were going way overboard and that our fears were realized. It took some serious convincing on their part to get us to yield to any one of those things. And then comes the “you MUST take her to Primary Children’s Medical Center and she MUST go in an ambulance because she MUST be on oxygen” WTF?! Again the doctor had to impress upon us the NEED for this. Direct us on a path we wouldn’t choose? How about launch us from a cannon!!

More to come as I find time…. Thank you for reading.



3 responses

  1. Oh hon! This must be so hard! We’ve been thinking and talking about you and yours just hoping for the best and sending prayers of wisdom to be with the doctors and love and peace to be with you. Bless you and your beautiful little family!

    <3 <3 <3


  2. For those of you who don’t know, Sydney is my third daughter and I think she is an incredible, loving, selfless person as well as a spectacular Mom. I share her concerns about western medicine meds. and procedures. I’m ‘taking my hat off’ to Primary Children’s Med. Center and the loving medical staff who have taken care of Nyah. Sydney and Drew are constantly searching for and studying alternative things they can do to improve Nyah’s health as she undergoes the process of healing. All my love and prayers…Gramma Harrington

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