Answered Prayers and Prayers to be Answered

The dawn has broken through on our very starry night. Each star having been the ever present glow of prayers said for our darling Nyah.

‘0.0’ was the result of her bone marrow biopsy, after 3 weeks with no chemotherapy. Cancer free. The blessing of this bright morning is unparalleled in the Johnson Universe. Words utterly fail me in expressing. With out them, the ensuing silence of each moment more filling than the totality of bound volumes in existence.

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

But words do not elude me entirely. Our life affirming news came the morning after I met Shelby Morris.

I was in the parent laundry at Primary Children’s Medical Center in the ICS unit, looking for an empty dryer, and finding none. Nyah bobbing around with me, poking in the fridge for the snacks we stored there and generally chirping all the ears off in the room .

Both dryers finished, I noted on the list that they had the same room number, so decided to combine them and start Nyah’s load.

At just this time, Shelby came in to claim her items. She apologized for monopolizing all the units but  her daughter had been vomiting profusely for three days and  she wanted to make sure that she always had clean blankets and such from home. Small comforts you know, they are sometimes all you have to offer these littles babes at a given time.

I was moved to offer the homeopathic remedy that had worked flawlessly for Nyah, though I had been scorned by other parents in the offering before. She was very receptive. I could tell she wanted to ease her baby in ANY way possible. And baby she is, at just 11 months old.

After gathering the snacks, Grandma and an energetic Nyah, we set the laundry  to dry and headed to our room, where Nyah promptly told the nurse she had peed and set about with her, to collect  the sample and send it down to the lab.

Nyah thus occupied with her journey to the conveyor, I slipped down the hall with the bottle of Hyland’s Homeopathic Flu, Nausea, and Vomiting, clutched in preparation to give…

I found the room darkened, soft music on the air, a sleeping baby and Mom settled amidst piles of papers and pamphlets. A smile and a care worn expression greeting me.

She accepted the bottle graciously as I inquired after her baby’s condition.

Brooklyn Morris was diagnosed just 3 weeks prior with Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor or ATRT. ATRT is classified as a brain tumor though it attacks the whole of the central nervous system at a very rapid pace. It is considered rare with only about 3 children in 1,000,000 being afflicted by it. She has already endured having 2 tumors removed from her brain since then and within just the previous 72 hours as I stood  gazing upon her, sleeping, peaceful and seemingly perfect. What a beauty. I’ve since read that even with radiation, surgery and Chemotherapy, children under the age of three only have a 10% survival rate. My heart was breaking…..

Her twin sister Zoe had undergone Cleft Palette corrective surgery just two weeks before they were made aware of Brooklyn’s condition. Both babes ailing, and my heart breaking….

The girls have a two year old brother named Aiden. Aiden is Autistic and also an amputee. He lost one of his feet due to malformation in utero. With Mom at the hospital with Brooklyn, Dad and Grandpa are left to keep up his very specific scheduling, and again my heart breaking!!!!!!!!

I had to apologize for my blubbering, exclaiming that she must be so tired of people crying for her situation, as she sat quite collected and obviously resigned to the trials at hand. And then she told me that ATRT is a genetic disease and it may very well be present in ALL of her children. That she was waiting to meet another mother whose three children suffered it and were treated together, two in remission, the other one having lost life to it. I then saw the strength of this young mother start to give….. they are awaiting results for Aiden and Zoe.

We have had the great honor of receiving healing prayers for Nyah from the multitudes out there, and now I ask you that share in that, to spare a few extra words for the Morris family, for they are in the darkest part of their night. I want to help these people in any way I can, and I have seen the love and well wishes of many do AMAZING things!! Nyah is cancer free! Let’s not let them shiver and brave the freezing depths alone. We can make a tremendous difference, our light will cut through. I know, because I have lived to see it so in my own life. So SHINE LOVE LIGHT, SHINE!!!



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    • Hi. The last I saw Shelby she was still in the hospital with Brooklyn and they had yet to hear the results for Zoey and Aiden. It’s been over a month since they were supposed to know! Poor things!

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