Long Time Coming

“I just can’t take it anymore….”

There was a true pleading in that. Nyah said it over and over to me that day in November.  The genuine, connected, mother in me, heard her, and agreed. It simply HAD to stop. I told her I was going to start working on what we could do differently.

Once the door to the idea to stop Chemo was opened again, I was awash with all the emotion and reasoning I had attached to it so many months before, when the Dr. told us “0.0 visible cancer cells.”

I thought then, “Great, we can work on prevention without chemo right? It’s done it’s job, the cancer is gone, we need not use such excess just to keep it from coming back.” At that time I again looked for medical alternatives for ‘treatment’ and continued to find none, at least none that people where willing to work on a child with. I was dissuaded. I stuffed my inner knowing and began to disconnect from the reality of continuing Chemo… I had to. I simply couldn’t ‘feel’ my child and allow it’s continuance. We went through all the motions of ‘family’ life while she and I’s connection withered, while she began to treat me with disdain, or at least, dislike. She wouldn’t do a THING I asked of her… we struggled over daily interaction. The months dragged on….

My body turned back to revulsion at the mere thought of another needle or ‘substance’ invading my precious, priceless, innocent, daughter that I was trusted with, to lead, teach and protect. The voice in my head started screaming, “Not even one more time!” And that other voice, the ‘fear’ voice said, “Right, this can’t be done. Remember all those kids across the country that have been forcibly taken from their families because their parents tried to take them off Chemo? How dare you risk that?!” Again came Nyah’s little voice on the air, “I just CAN’T take it anymore….” My course was set… I couldn’t ignore her, I wouldn’t let her suffer another moment, no matter how daunting and frightening the prospect appeared. I couldn’t face myself as a mother, or a human being, if I didn’t do something.

First, there was her very loving, and very frightened father. Could he hear us? Would he support us? I’m very pleased to say, yes. After a time with his own process, support and research, he did. He became our greatest support. We were in it as a family, dedicated to CREATING a path better suited to her care. For truly, our own creation was the key. Intuiting her personal story led us to the answers we sought….

Nyah started life in a very ‘pure’ way. When she was in utero, I declined all the tests offered. I declined any ultrasounds, I took no pharmaceuticals. She was left to grow, perfectly at peace in her unaltered environment. She was birthed naturally, without drugs or intervention. She was subject to only the non-invasive reflex testing, etc. She was given NOTHING but breast milk for her first many months of life. Even while under care for Jaundice at a hospital for 24hrs, we refused an IV. There was no NEED for it. As she grew, we fed her Organic foods with little to no refined sugar. If there was need of assisting her body through illness, she was given homeopathics. She thrived. She would eat everything other parents often expressed they would do anything to get their own children to eat. (Which we’ve found to be essential in home treatment.)

Then comes the Leukemia diagnosis and well, we all know what manner of things began polluting her system. As previously said in former blogs, we invested wholly in as much natural alleviation of damage and upsetting symptoms as we could. A lot of research went into finding alternatives to mediations, as well as the intent and side effects of the drugs she had to have for the protocol. The majority of which disrupt production of, and destroy, rapidly dividing cells. Ie, blood cells, hair, stomach lining, gastrointestinal cells and skin. (Also I’d like to note that ALL the cells in a child are rapidly dividing… it’s how they grow so fast!) That is their intended function, but these chemicals also shred virtually everything they come in contact with. I suffered a minor chemical burn on my hand from caressing Nyah’s forehead while she sweat, just a week after she began treatment…. I can’t truly express what it was like to experience my child withering from the inside out, but I’m sure many of you can imagine the protective force that arises in you when your offspring are in peril. My determination to facilitate LIFE flowing back into her, became my every waking, and sometime resting, endeavor.

We believe we have a very clear understanding of what pollutants she has been exposed to, including what we belive triggered the Leukemia to begin with, and this greatly encourages us that she is inherently healthy enough to overcome the damage from chemo and that odds are in her favor with this type of treatment for cancer prevention.

After extensive research, our first step was to convince the hospital that we were ready, willing and able to treat Nyah ourselves. After consulting with her Dr. and the Director for the Medical Ethics Board we are thrilled to say that they agreed that what we presented, is an acceptable form of treatment. That we could schedule her port being removed and that they would love for us to keep them appraised of her progress. We were over the moon. No fight, no threats, she had had her last chemo treatment! It is a miracle I had barely dared to dream of…. I am grateful and humbled beyond words.

The following is what we discovered and presented as basis for her treatment….

All cancers are 98% to 99% environmentally toxin caused. With the addition of some 80,000 industrial toxins, polluted water, air and foods, it’s no wonder we have seen cancer skyrocketing.

We began immediately to reduce Nyah’s exposure to any and all toxins we conceivably can.  Fortunately we live on a mountain top and already had access to breathe the cleanest air and have the freshest water we can. We have exchanged plastic food containers for glass, stainless steel and earthenware. We have replaced organic foods that came from a can, box or bottle to organic whole foods that we ‘process’ at home. (Previously processed foods are exposed to all manner of things and altered in so many ways.) I have spent the last many months learning how to make EVERYTHING from scratch. The mayo has yet to turn out, but I have had wonderful success with many other basic staples. The whole family have embraced the new way of eating. If we feel like snacking, we grab raw nuts, dried fruits and seeds or make popcorn on the stove top with Bragg’s Amino Acids sprayed on. Yum! I am personally very impressed with everyone’s adjustments. We make fresh green juice several times a week packed with all manner of fruits and vegetables. I even slice off the skin where a produce sticker as been, any one less toxin going in.

We have undertaken a large garden started from non-GMO, organic seeds and we are raising chickens fed on only organic feed and scraps. Nyah works with us everyday to create and care for our food sources and understands the importance of this type of knowledge for her, and everyone else’s, health. We feel very strongly that the only real way to KNOW what is going into our bodies is to KNOW what is in our foods, what has touched them along the way, etc. and our best bet to control that, is to do it ourselves and buy locally from places we have visited. I have organized having a local artisan cheese company wrap our previously arranged orders in wax paper instead of the shrink wrapped plastic they traditionally use. Again, any one less thing… and the girls love to go see, and thank, ‘their’ cow for her sharing her milk with us! Oh, and we also get to watch the process of the cheeses being made.

Nyah loves nail polish but she doesn’t get to wear it anymore until she stops sucking her thumb, which replaced the plastic pacifier she used to suck. Many manner of plastic and chemically treated toys are rotating their way out to be replaced with natural component toys. We hope to soon replace her mattress and pillows to organic, untreated materials for bedding. We also have been playfully designing a home built with un-chemically treated, natural materials that in our dream of dreams, we will build someday. And of course I furnish this home in my mind with un-chemically treated, natural furnishings. It is truly just as likely that something your new couch was sprayed with or the off gassing of your new carpets could cause cancer…. And there are many other small things I come up with in a given day that I alter to fit our new lifestyle. I’d also like to note here how supportive and considerate our friends and family have been in adhering to these changes for us. Asking if this or that is OK for her to have or participate in etc. Thank you!!! We are blessed beyond words with you wonderful people!

We consistently research more products that not only are toxin free but that have also been produced in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner. It is a close second for us to reduce our family’s own contribution to the raging toxicity that is polluting our planet and all those life forms that inhabit it. Hopefully a fully electric car is in our future that we can charge with solar power!

We recognize that we will never be able to control all exposure to toxins. Unfortunately  the ‘well’ has been polluted beyond what we may hope to see reversed in our life times. And so we turn our focus to filling each cell with the nutrients it needs to thrive, thus hopefully leaving no room in it to uptake the toxins that will inevitably pass through.

In search of cell health we find Glutathione, said to be the Mother of all antioxidants, “the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease…” writes Mark Hyman, MD in a fantastic, comprehensive blog on the subject that I consider a MUST read for everyone!


Leukemia is an auto immune disease and Glutathione is critical to the immune system being able to function and do it’s job of fighting infections and PREVENTING cancer. When a person undergoes Chemo, most of these amazing molecules get destroyed along with everything else, which can in turn, create more cancers, so one of my first big hurdles was how to boost her glutathione production in a big way. The most effective way for rapid replenishing, as I was counseled, is to nebulize it. There is very little to be found in food sources but the highest levels of it are found in Milk Thistle and RAW whey. Other than that your body has to generate them on it’s own, but can do so better with the aid of exercise, folate, and vitamins B6 and B12. We believe that the very best way to get these vitamins is from their original food source. Hence we attempt to eat a 80% -90% whole food plant based, wide variety diet, though we are heavy on the foods that contain the most phytonutrients.

We have also supported her system with a few supplements like Lugol’s solution of Iodine, (Iodine ensures the apoptosis or the programmed cell death which is essential in the removal of malignant cells like cancer cells or diseased cells. Iodine can flush out chemical toxins like fluoride, lead, mercury etc., apart from biological toxins and can strengthen immune system.)

Here is a link for an article on Iodine. Though it has very strong opinions expressed by the author that you may or may not appreciate, it does have a list of facts farther down that are just that, facts. I have been unable to find my original source for the Iodine information which is the one I would prefer to use here… but something is better than nothing for now.


Milk Thistle oil, (for Glutithione production) Colloidal Silver (for immune support) and oil of Frankincense (which separates the ‘brain’ of the cancerous cell – the nucleus – from the ‘body’ – the cytoplasm, and closes down the nucleus to stop it reproducing corrupted DNA codes. I am still looking for the best sites to refer you to for more info on Frankincense as well.) All are used on an intuit bases. There are no specific dosages previously created for this, and anyone who would like to employ these options need do the same, but please do educate yourselves on the specifics of the nature of interaction they have with your cells, where and how the products you choose are being produced and the history of the cells to be treated.

To sum up, to the best of our current ability, Nyah is living a life designed to promote nature’s already perfect symbiosis between humans and our environment. She is thriving. She smiles, learns, laughs, cries, plays, creates, interacts, injures herself, heals herself, loves and has gratitude for every bit of it. She is WHOLE, and she knows it. Gratitude and blessings abound…. life is good. :)

Thank you for your continued prayers, love and support for a healthy little girl leading a healthy, happy life!!!

IMG_0405 IMG_4053 IMG_0064

With Peace, Love and so very many Blessings for you all,


For those of you who have interest, Nyah’s trust account will remain and any and all donations will be used in promotion of her living a life of health, which may come in the form of an array of everyday products that are natural, toxin free and as close to being sustainable and eco- conscious as possible! Thank you!


4 responses

  1. So glad she is doing so well! I love your courage in stepping out and doing what is best for your daughter.

    I’m curious what toxin you think triggered the cancer? Also I assume you didn’t do vaccinations?

    • Hi Nicole,
      Thank you for your sweet words….
      Nyah was exposed to nuclear smoke during the fires that enveloped the Los Alamos area in summer 2011. The fires burned for weeks and the smoke blanketed Taos, where we were living. Though the labs there swore that lab property never burned, the immediate surrounding areas did. As you may know, they have been building plutonium triggers for nuclear weapons in that area since the mid 1940’s and at that time, dumping their waste into the watersheds. So inevitably those toxins were up taken by the trees and released in to the air during the handful of burns since.
      It matched the timeline for the cancers progression perfectly. I have no doubt of it though nothing can ever be proven. And yes, we absolutely REFUSE any vaccinations. Our girls haven’t received a single one. :)
      Thanks again for your kind comments!

  2. Omg sis I’m crying and I tried being there for all of you and going through it with but I just want to say you are amazing and I hope I can be as great of a father to jaydan as drew has been, hopefully one day a husband as good as him. I look up to drew and you very much. Ps
    You should write a book. You know I hate to read but after reading that, I would read anything you write.
    Miss you sis!

    • Bud! I had no idea you wrote this…. thank you!! I teared up reading how you feel about us, gosh I love you so much. And you are already an awesome Dad for Jayden, every good dad learns and grows a little bit more with their kids everyday, so you are always getting better! And yes…. I think I’ll write a book. :)

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